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About Us

Pro Kuido Inc. was started up when a family member of the staff needed a wheelchair and a mariner. These aids were presented without any further instructions and without adjusting them to fit.

Pro Kuido Inc. was also founded to improve availability of medical equipment and services. Its main purpose is to get the right equipment to the right client, at reasonable rates, and within the shortest possible time. Pro Kuido’s business goal is to provide continuing service of the highest quality by expertly trained staff.

Our mission is to make medical equipment and supplies to obtain easier than before:

  • We base our choice of equipment for our patients on advice from professionals in the field. We accompany the sale of our products with personal advice adapted to the patient’s needs.
  • We believe we can sell medical equipment at the lowest prices on Curacao. Though some medical equipment and supplies are being paid for by public funds, our low prices mean that a patient is able to afford buying a product on their own if necessary.
  • We are able to deliver products fast. We can deliver any customized product within 6 weeks. We have standard equipment always in stock.
  • Medical equipment and supplies are rented out as well.
  • Patients with restrictions/handicaps have to live their lives as normally as possible, that is why we also offer transportation services.


Pro Kuido’s showroom displays a number of products that customers can pick up and buy anytime they need them. Our staff is also available for personal product advice, by phone or e-mail. We do home delivery, as well as home pick-ups for repairs of medical equipment.

Future plans: Deliver and maintain medical equipment for the AVBZ on the other islands.


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